NDoc®, a comprehensive hospice and home health software solution from Thornberry Ltd, has been improving patient outcomes, ensuring regulatory compliance and maximizing efficiency in medium to large Medicare-certified home health and hospice agencies for over 20 years.

With headquarters in Lancaster, PA— the heart of the Amish Country— the Thornberry team shares a dedication to customer service excellence and a work ethic that fosters a sense of community. Our customers rely on industry-leading NDoc’s ease of use, but also on the exceptional communication and support we provide to make sure they get the most out of it.

The proven software for hospice, home health and home care. More than 4,000 providers use Kinnser for faster scheduling and billing, and easier documentation. Consolo Hospice Software is a web-based EMR solution providing a fully customizable business and clinical software suite for hospice and palliative care. Streamlining hospice operations improves Learn More. The best EMR for hospice and palliative care. Saves 50% of documentation time for clinicians. Generate claims in 15 minutes or less. HAPPY CLINICIANS - HAPPY PATIENTS - HIGHER CAHPS SCORES. Find the best Hospice Software for your organization. Read user reviews of leading hospice software. Free comparisons, demos & price quotes.

Hospice Emr Software

The following is a listing of home care and hospice EMR software solutions which include full-featured, electronic documentation methods for point of care data collection that support EVV. These organizations support the EVV Workgroup's mission to define and promote a free market, standards-based approach to EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) in home care and hospice. Find the best Hospice Software for your organization. Read user reviews of leading hospice software. Free comparisons, demos & price quotes. Hospice EMR software recommendations, please. DO NOT choose a generic EHR software and try to make it work. Nor should you try the same with a practice management software. Hospice is VERY specific. Furthermore, CMS (Medicare) is standardizing data collection practices, and the ability to collect and subsequently analyze this information in.

Product in this industry is only half the battle. Due to the constant pressure to change forced by regulation and technology, support for customers’ productive use of the product is key.”

Hospice Emr Systems

– Tom Peth
President and CEO

September 24th, 2013
  • Designed especially for Hospices and Palliative Care providers and EMR training centers.
  • Footprints EMR is a comprehensive solution that integrates and tracks patient medical records, clinical plan of care, billing and finance, quality assurance, donations, management tools and reports, and volunteer services.
  • You can provide optimal care with real time prompts for patient follow-up and Medicare requirement reminders that integrate with your calendar.
  • Footprints EMR may be run with or without Internet access and can be hosted on your servers or ours.
  • We are proud to be first to market with a solution that allows any authorized user to access the system via any mobile or web enabled device.
  • We strive to make our portable software as user friendly and flexible as possible

Footprints by Blackbean Software provides software for small to mid-size companies in the Hospice industry, as well as multiple location hospice service providers. This system offers a full suite of functionality with point of care, billing, scheduling, accounting, human resources, and customer relationship management.


Included in Footprints’ billing and accounting capabilities is UB-04 and HCFA 1500 support, claim scrubbing, electronic remittance and more. The billing dashboard posts alerts that notify users of important tasks and any changes that will affect billing. It also contains a pre-billing audit that validates claims before sending them, ensuring that each claim has all of the requisite accurate data.

Customizable dashboards and forms allow users to tailor the software to a look and feel that matches their business. This software can be deployed both on-premise and on the web, making it accessible on mobile devices for easy point of care charting.

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